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Andrii Dubok @ Business Automation Developer | Business/Data Analyst
Visionary Engineer | Process Architect | Innovation Advisor
Microsoft Excel + VBA
Google Sheets + Google Apps Script | AppSheet
Looker Studio (Google Data Studio) | Microsoft Power BI, DAX
No-code | Low-code
Data Visualization, Graphs, Dashboards
Financial Modeling | Business Tools | Workflow Integration
Airtable | Zapier | Make
JavaScript | Python | WordPress
Telegram Bots and much more!

Automation Expertise & Wide Skill Range

Creating automated solutions starting from 2010
Spreadsheet & any software automation, automated in-game bots, Telegram bots, various tools.

Fluent English

IELTS C1, BA degree in English Translation, worked in three international companies, US clients

Tech Innovator

Deeply engaged with modern IT technology, with a passion for exploring and leveraging the latest trends.

Speed Typing Prodigy

Exceptional typing skills, ranking in the top 1% with a speed of over 100 words per minute.

Research & AI Savvy

Proficient in efficient online research, including advanced usage of Chat GPT 4 and other AI tools.

Financial Specialist

Strong financial background with a Master’s in Financial Management and a Bachelor’s in Corporate Finance.

Diverse Clientele Experience

Worked with over 2500 clients globally, including the US, Canada, UK, Australia, demonstrating adaptability and global market understanding.

Global Freelance Achiever

Top Rated Plus freelancer on Upwork, with extensive experience in international settings and over 50 long-term projects.

Low-Code/No-Code Advocate

Skilled in simplifying complex processes, advocating for accessible, efficient low-code/no-code solutions.

Google Sheets Premium Design

Advanced Commission Calculator: Database Architecture, Automation Dev

Google Sheets KPI System: Visuals, Dashboards, Data Entry & Management

Google Sheets Expense Tracker

Comprehensive P&L Template in Google Sheets

Automated Workflow: Gmail > Sheets > new sheet + pdf > Drive

Marketing Planner

Advanced Automation Solution

Pharmacy Google Sheets Formula Automation | Google Apps Script | CRM, Database, JavaScript, GAS, VBA

Pharmacy Google Sheets Formula Automation | Google Apps Script | CRM, Database, JavaScript, GAS, VBA

Client Testimonials

Andrii had some good ideas right up front that save time and resulted in a solution that worked very well. His quick understanding of my systems setup and the need to be met had a big impact on the success of the project. The solution he developed worked the first time. He followed up well and was interested in the overall success of what I was attempting.

Andrii did excellent work for me on this project. I needed code to integrate three separate computer programs in an established workflow that had not been running smoothly. His solution had a big impact. It effectively automated key steps of the workflow and made the entire process run in less time and more smoothly (big drop in number of crashes). Andrii carefully studied the current processes and made targeted suggestions. We worked through them methodically and came up with a robust solution. His work is high quality and on time. His communication skills are excellent and he always followed through meeting objectives we had agreed to. He is a pleasure to work with.

Andrei was an absolutely amazing freelancer to work with. He was super efficient, very helpful and understood exactly what I wanted (even though I struggled to explain what I wanted myself.

Andrii was great to work with. Andrii was responsive and always sought to make sure I was getting the best possible outcome. Thank you!

Andrii was amazing. He really took the time to understand the scope of the project, asked great questions, took initiative and even improved our vision. We worked with him for two jobs already and will certainly be using him again. I highly recommend him. Professional, skilled, a great communicator and able to meet deadlines.

Andrii is incredible. We’ve been working with him for a while and this is the third job he did for us successfully and exactly to our standards. I highly recommend him.

Andrii has completed several projects for me and each one has been done with the type of care I would do if I had his skills. His attention to getting the project done right is a huge benefit. He can see the big picture of what needs to be done, work through the details rigorously, and his interpersonal style and skills make the process go smoothly. Thank you, Andrii!!

Andrii always does a great job. We’ve worked with him on numerous projects and will need his services again in the future. He’s highly recommended.

I’ve worked with Andrii on multiple projects at this point and really value his skill level, adherence to details and punctual nature. He’s also a great communicator. We’ll be working with him again for sure.

Exceptional Work! In my honest opinion, during my time working with Andrii, his strategic thinking and problem solving skills undeniably far out reaches anyone in business / IT logic. More projects underway!

Andrii has exceptional knowledge in business and technology. We were able to successfully work towards our end goal. Our solution now works flawlessly! Thank you!

Andrii was very responsive, fast, a team player, and always went the distance. He’s someone we’ve worked with for years and has played an important role in various tasks and builds

What I do
  • Professional Microsoft Excel & Google Sheets Development
  • Formula Nativity | Advanced VBA / Google Apps Script (JavaScript)
  • Full Automation | Workflow Optimization | Digital Integrations
  • Complex Calculations, Dynamic Conditional Formatting, Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts
  • Instant Actions, Macros, User-defined Functions, UI Forms, Data Scrappers, Web-connections, Data Backups, Emailing — any custom functionality
  • Automated Reporting and Data Analysis, Processing of Complex Datasets, Data Transformation, File Generation, Database Management, External Controlling
  • Data Summary & Data Visualization | Dashboards, Charts & Graphs, KPIs — professional, beautiful, clean & dynamic
  • Financial Modeling, Data Analytics Planning, Forecasting
  • Advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) | Architecture Design | Elegant Workflows
  • Intuitive Designs | Best UX | Effortless Maintenance | Instant Results
  • Smart Decision-Making Tools, Solvers, Schedulers, Triggers, Alerts & Notifications
  • Business Tools, Trackers, File Processors, Bar/QR Code Generators
  • Custom Calculators of any type: Business, Financial, Insurance, Fitness, etc.
  • Workflow & Data Integration between Microsoft Office Products – Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, SharePoint, InfoPath, OneNote
  • Interaction with WinApi | FileSystemObject (FSO) | ADODB (MS Access, MS SQL) | Web APIs
  • Workflow & Data Integration between Google Workspace (G Suite) Components – Admin Console, Drive, Gmail, Docs, Slides, Calendar, Forms, Sites, Keep

    Additional Digital Skills:
  • Power BI (DAX) • Looker Studio (Google Data Studio) • Databox
  • Power Query • Power Pivot
  • Microsoft Flow • Zapier • IFTTT • Integromat • • Parabola • Clay •
  • Power Automate • Automatic Mouse & Keyboard • FileMaker Pro • AC Tool • iCUE Corsair • Stream Deck
  • Airtable • Power Apps • App Sheet • • Webflow • Telegram Bots
  • WordPress • HTML • CSS • JavaScript • PHP • SQL • Hostings • Domains
  • Trello • Jira • Confluence • Microsoft To-Do • Google Tasks • ServiceNow
  • Canva • ( • • Photoshop • ShareX • Sony Vegas • DaVinci Resolve
  • Java • Python • Delphi • PascalABC.NET • VBS • Batch Scripts
  • OBS • Streamlabs • Stream Elements • Restream • Voicemeeter Potato • Voicemod • Snap Camera NVIDIA Broadcast • RTX Voice
  • Virtualbox • Blue Stacks • Samsung DeX • Sandbox • Teamviewer • Chrome Remote Desktop
  • Cheat Engine • ArtMoney
  • Facebook • Twitter • Reddit • Discord • Telegram • Medium • Instagram • YouTube • Twitch • TikTok Dlive • Patreon • Snapchat • Pinterest • • LinkedIn • Quora
About Me

My name is Andrii – Business Analyst, professional Microsoft Excel & Google Sheets Developer, PC Automation Expert, Project Manager, and Process Architect.

I am a big fan of automation and the number one enemy for any routine process. If I have to do anything twice on my PC – it gets automated.

I have been creating custom automation tools and solutions since 2010. Spreadsheets had become my lifestyle when I started working with the data. They gave me the ability to process the information quickly, make a useful analysis, and automate the whole process.

Every sphere and activity of my life has its separate Excel or Google Sheets projects. It allows me to get more value from the data, organize the thinking, make data-driven decisions and relieve my life from the routine. What is most important, it supplies me with Time – the most valuable resource. I don’t waste it.

I used to work in big international companies like Philip Morris and Samsung. Due to my skills and enthusiasm, I was known as the local Excel Guru –  I have created numerous business tools for most company departments. My automation allowed me to substitute the work of many people, the long time-consuming tasks have turned into few seconds for reliable scripts, and even the whole processes have been automated.

My contribution to each project is not limited to automation development. I am a master of analyzing and optimizing the processes, finding the most effective approaches, asking the right questions, and sharing my recommendations.

Besides the Spreadsheets Development, I am good and experienced in process management and optimization:

+ IT Project Manager of ThinkWider App (application for submitting ideas and their full processing from reviewing and discussing till implementation and rewarding).

+ Manager and Developer of IShare Educational Platform

++ I am an active top-rated Excel & Google Sheets Expert and Mentor for other experts. I solve around ten different automation cases daily, which are used by the sales staff, managers, HRs, investment agents, and others. Sometimes it seems that I worked with people from every possible sphere. I even helped the employees from the United Nations.


I worked with

Crypto Traders | Investors | Stockbrokers

CEOs | CFOs | Senior Management | Startups

All kinds of  industries

Finance • Marketing • Sales • Insurance
Manufacturing • Construction • Real Estate
Government • Healthcare • Education
Agriculture • Media • … • And many more


How other people characterize me:

  • «seeks the best-supported and most logical solution to problems»
  • «high tolerance for ambiguity. He can quickly discern logical consistencies and inconsistencies within a set of facts»
  • «effective at processing information and making decisions that are a good fit for the existing circumstances»
  • «enjoys solving complex problems»
  • «seeks optimal solutions based on the facts»
  • «creative and has a big-picture perspective»
  • «seeks something larger than the best solution; he seeks universal truth, preferably one that has not been seen before»
  • «can quickly recognize patterns across seemingly unrelated elements»
  • «scans the horizon for opportunities and threats and can see possibilities that are often not apparent to others»
  • «creative in finding answers to problems and can easily visualize future alternatives and consequences»
  • «identifies and has confidence in relevant options that are not widely recognized as being valid or worthwhile»
  • «tends to excel at creative and innovative decision making»